Three Pictures Can Tell A Story

I am determined to have another photoblog this year in an effort to make up for last year's dismal attempt. Living in Virginia and on the East Coast has so many advantages. We're within easy driving distance of the Nation's capital. We're only three hours from great beaches. We're just a hop across the pond to Europe. And yet, if I never visited any of those places, I would still have enough photographs to fill a book just by wandering the streets and alleys of my own beloved and charming town.

Won't you join me for a photographic series of trios taken in and around historical Leesburg, Virginia?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week Five: St. James Episcopal Church, Leesburg

The Hubby and I both have an affection for old stone buildings.  This church, built in 1875, has gorgeous stone, but also stunning stain glass windows and standout red doors. We took our Christmas picture in front of these red doors two years ago.  Another gem of a church in my town.





  1. Nice church Samantha!
    I see Leesburg has lots of interesting and beautiful things. I should make sure to visit it the next time I'm in Virginia.

  2. I've always love the red doors of Episcopal churches. The red doors are a symbol of refuge and sanctuary for all people who enter. The red signifies the blood of Christ shed so that all who come to him can be saved.

  3. Samantha! I just found this photo blog of yours. What a great idea. I hadn't realized you're in Virginia and am trying very hard not to be jealous.

    Love these shots. And what a great insight from Apis too. So beautiful.